All applications are available for Droid, HTC Hero, G1 and MyTouch 3G in the Android Market.

Percent Off

Percent Off is a price calculator for calculating sale price of items on sale. This tool calculates the price of on-sale items for a given sale offer.


Quick Grader is an easy to use grading tool for teachers. This tool helps school teachers with the repetitive task of grading student exams, tests or homeworks.

Password Booster

Password Booster is a simple password generator. This app increases the strength of any password you type.

Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant is a small app to enhance your Android phone with extra features. Features include auto SMS responses, Area Code Lookup, etc.


BuzzWord is a fun phrase generator. This app helps you impress your executive management, co-workers or sales clients with the phrase generated or just have fun with your new ability to create phrase with the latest technical buzzwords.

SixTeen Bars Mobile Studio

SixTeen Bars (or 16 Bars) is a mobile studio that allows you to rap over tracks using your handphones. Tracks can be instrumentals of your favorite song or beats you created in mp3, or wav format.

Immigration Civics Study Guide

Immigration Civics Study Guide is a study guide for people studying to become citizens of the United States. This guide covers the New Naturalization Test - Civics Exam.

Unit Cost

Unit Cost is a price calculator for calculating unit price of items bases on size. It can be used to calculate compare items of different size to determine the better deal.

Size Chart - Gift List

Size Chart - Gift List stores different clothing sizes for the people on your gift list. This app stores shirt, shoe, suit, pants, coat, bra, and dress sizes.

Tip Rate

Tip Rate is a rate based tip calculator. This tool suggest a tip amount based on answer to several quality of service questions.

Things to Remember

Things to Remember stores information often used but not often remembered.

Rebate Manager

Rebate Manager is an easy to use shopping tool. This tool manages the information on rebates on purchases you have made.

Stolen Wallet Survival Kit

Stolen Wallet Survival Kit is an easy to use identity theft survival tool. This tool manages the phone numbers needed in case you lose or some steals your wallet.

Tip Journal

Tip Journal is a simple application used to keep up with tips for servers, waiters and waitresses. This application stores tip amount for each tip received and calculate daily/monthly totals.

Tithe Journal

Tithe Journal is a simple application used to keep up with tithes for churchgoers. This application stores the amount for each tithe giving and calculate daily/monthly totals. Also, you can pay your tithes via the app using PayPal...

Shop Assistant

Shop Assistant manages clients and appointments for Barbers and Beauticians.


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