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SixTeen Bars - Mobile Rap Studio allows you to rap over tracks using your headphones. Tracks can be instrumentals of your favorite song or beats you created in mp3, or wav format.

SixTeen Bars (or 16 Bars) is good for recording your first rap demo. Rappers also can practice your breathing, timing, articulation, and pronunciation.

Save time and money when you go to the studio and record it on your first session.....

Spoken Word Artist (or Poets) also can record poems (or poetry).....

Rap Recording Session Screenshot Rap Recording Session Screenshot

What's New in 2nd Verse?

  • Updated Screens - quickly access settings, help and screen menu options
  • Search Music Library - search your music library by artist, song and album
  • Record Multiple Tracks - record multiple verses or record a verse then ad-lib
  • Track Volume Controls - control the left and right volume of tracks
  • Song/Lyrics Writer - write your lyrics in the notepad and display the notepad in the recording booth
  • Report a Bug - easily report problems via email to developers

For directions or help, click how to use sixteen bars.

Download sample drum track to get started with the application.


This application is available for following phones:
- Motorola Droid
- HTC Droid Eris
- HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1 in US, Rogers Dream in Canada)
- HTC Hero (aka the T-Mobile G2 Touch in UK)
- HTC Magic (aka the T-Mobile myTouch 3G in US)
- Any phone where Android Market is installed.

To Download, open Android Market on your phone and search for the term "Sixteen Bars"

or open the browser on your Android phone and click the icon below

Request a Feature, or Report a Bug

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